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Video rules today and helps with Local and Social.

Written by Dalton Quigley November 26, 2012 updated on August 20, 2013

You are probably seeing information about how video is making such a difference in business today because it comes up in the search engine listings. Well it is true. If you do a popular search for just about anything a video will pop up. Lets see how you can take part in this phenominon.



Awhile back google decided to make video a part of it's search results. It seems that the average person watches over 40 videos per month. What are they looking for? Everything you can imagine is being searched for and sometimes people choose the video on the page in results.

Why should you care about video for your business?

Nashville SEO Video Marketing for your Business

Less Competition: That's right there is less competition for the time being under the video catagory of your subject. More and more search engines are adding an area for videos on the top 10 search results and there may not even be one in your catagory right now.

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Color: Do you remember in the olden days when you paid extra to have a red headline in the Yellow pages? Well colors do matter on the screen and video gives you control of colors you show and thereby giving you control on getting people to look your way.

Time: A video gives you time to explain your message with a voice, or a person on screen. It has been proven when people see a message come from a relatable person they are more compelled to purchase than if it were simply text and graphics.

Trackable : With todays coding you can tell where your visitors are coming from and you will be able to track what is working from what isn't and can modify accordingly.

So in conclusion you can have less competition, control colors to get people to look, have more time to explain your message, and it is trackable and improvable. You should have video in your marketing mix. Use it in your social circles, and on your site you won't regret it.


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Written by Dalton Quigley November 26, 2012

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