3 Reasons SEO Works

Author Dalton Quigley September 5, 2012

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the term for making web sites more findable by users under the words ( Keywords ) that the web site owner cares about.

So why does SEO work? Well there are three important reasons SEO works.

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Reason 1. Most web sites are designed to be aestetically pleasing and usable by a person needing the product or service represented. A SEO professional cares about the look and feel of your site, the usability, and how a Search Engine thinks about giving your site priority in results against your competition. Most Web Designers care about the look and feel while giving usability a high priority and the reason SEO gets a back seat is because it is alot of extra work they may not have charged for or even understand.

Reason 2. SEO works because the professional who represents your site will give total preference to how the Search Engine work while devoting themselves to researching your market and the words visitors use to look up your product or service. This is the attention you need in todays internet marketplace where many people will be competing for the same space in the top 10 resultes on the first page.

Reason 3. Ok you know things are changing fast, well Search Engines are updating their rules for who gets to be on the first page every day and a professional who keeps up with this is needed because it is very hard to get to the first page and very easy to slip down and away in the results because of competition. As the rules change your SEO professional will need to make modifications to your site and to other related projects that support the overall effort to make your site perform at its best.

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Author : Dalton Quigley September 5, 2012

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